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Rude Skott Osborn Trio album ‘The Virtue of Temperance’ available now

or check your favourite record store!

On The Corner Records IWD release available to pre-order!

I’m honoured to have contributed to these two tracks being released in support of International Women’s Day. Proceeds will go to charities selected by myself, Tenesha The Wordsmith, Victoria Topping and Siti Muharam. Listen to Tenesha’s stunning track ‘Again’ below….

mixtape for The Jazz Meet podcast

Here’s a little mix I did for The Jazz Meet, celebrating some of the inspirations behind writing Collocutor’s forthcoming 2nd album ‘The Search’:


UK Vibe interview!

The lovely people at UK Vibe recently published and interview with me, talking about the thoughts, inspirations and processes behind Collocutor.

Have a read here:

Tamar Osborn


(featured photo by Gavin Mills)

Last week we went into the studio….

Collocutor @ OtC label Showcase

Emanative-Collocutor Duo feat. Earl Zinger in Berlin

DAISIE | Track Info: “Pinprick/Criminality” by The Fontanelles

Radio D A I S I E

TheFontanelles-Pinprick-Criminality-RadioDAISIECheck out “Pinprick/Criminality“, the debut (double) single released on First Word Records by The Fontanelles, a mighty 12 piece Afrobeat/Ska/World music collective who first performed together as the “on stage” band providing the live soundtrack to “the groundbreaking Broadway production, FELA!” at London’s National Theatre in 2011. Encapsulating the spirit of Fela‘s works the band fuse their own rich and diverse musicality into their Ethio/Jazz/Dub inspired music. They have contributed to  film scores as well as featured  alongside musical greats such as Courtney Pine, Jazz Jamaica and Grace Jones. It seems like there’s gonna be no end to the reach of this band. Fresh, enthusiatic and vibrant, The Fontanelles are making music which will define your Summer soundtrack, if not your life’s collection. You can pick up this double A side via…

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The Fontanelles – Pinprick/Criminality

Flea Market Funk


When the final curtain fell in 2011 for the London production of Fela! The Musical, the original band that wowed audiences and backed the production decided to continue on. But this time the would not just play the politically charged Afro Beat music that Kuti was so well known for, but their own music. This was the birth of The Fontanelles. Carrying the spirit of Fela with them, they worked on original material that contained Ska, Reggae, Ethio-Jazz, film scores, Nigerian master, Dub, and Afro Beat influences. Picked up by First Word Records, The Fontanelles are their newest signing to the label. These twelve very unique musicians have collectively played with the likes of Tony Allen , Africa Express, Plan B, Soothsayers, Johnny Clarke, Courtney Pine and Adele, John Legend, Tom Jones, Keziah Jones, Soothsayers, Jazz Jamaica, McCoy Tyner, Barry White, Jerry Dammers Spatial AKA, Massive Attack , Keziah…

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